Rubberite - Committed to excellence

It is Rubberite's policy to provide a rubber Solution - Quality products, which are economically viable, at the right time, every time. Rubberite pledges stringent control over service, quality and delivery. All aspects of Rubberite's activities are constantly being monitored and updated for the benefit of our clients.
  • Mud Flaps

    We stock a variety of sizes and custom sizes just for you .
  • Sheeting

    Available in different materials and sizes.
  • Grommets

    Wire Grommets, filler grommets, blind grommets and more .
  • Mountings

    Door stops, engine mountings, feet for machines(compressors etc), bollard seats, vibration mountings.
  • Discs, Washers and Gaskets

    We can cut any size disc, washer, block, gasket etc.
  • Rubber Extrusions

    Rubber extrusions are used throughout the local mining, industrial and automotive industries.
  • Adhesives And Glues

    Genkem, SC 2000, Cyanoacrilate.
  • Rubber U-Channels

    Stockists of U channels in multiple sizes and shapes